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If you are presently divorcing or separating from your partner and you share children, you need an experienced, skilled lawyer fighting for you! Wildomar Family Law Attorneys at Bloom & Rudibaugh  have 30 years’ experience helping clients involved in child support disputes.

Child support is one of the most emotionally charged issues in family law and California’s Uniform Child Support Guidelines are extremely complex. If child support is at issue in your case, contact Wildomar Child Support Lawyers at Bloom & Rudibaugh to schedule a consultation.

The formula used to establish child support in California is so complicated that the Courts use computerized programs to make support determinations. The following are taken into account when making a determination of child support:

    · How much time each party spends with the child / children
    · How much money each party makes / should be expected to make
    · Each party’s filing status for tax purposes
    · Subsequent marriages
    · How many other children each party has from a prior / later relationship
    · Child care costs
    · Health care costs

At Bloom & Rudibaugh, we use the same computer program that the local
courts use and can provide you with a close estimate of how much child
support you can expect to pay or receive. It is crucial that anyone involved
in a child support case retain an experienced family law lawyer who will
fight for you! Our child support lawyers have the experience necessary to help
you receive the most favorable outcome possible in your child support case.

We have offices conveniently located near Wildomar in Hemet and Murrieta to
better serve the needs of our clients.

Whether you need to file for divorce or need help with any other family law issue, including child custody, child support, child visitation, post judgment modification, paternity or spousal support, please complete the Family Law Case Evaluation Form. You will be contacted when we receive your information.

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